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[ Research Notes 2015/16 ]

Research Notes & Project & Ideas 2018

The following lists contains some active research questions in my personal research and that of my group members in which I am directly involved.

1 Model Reconstruction in a Large-Scale Environment [with Babatunde Odunuga]

2 Data Assimilation for Neural Fields [with Jehan Alswailhi]

3 Ultra Rapid Data Assimilation, basic theory [with Christian Welzbacher]
4 Object Data Assimilation [with Christian Welzbacher und Uli Blahak]

5 Particle Filter for NWP [with Anne Walter]

6 Radar Radial Winds Error Correlations [Joanne Waller, Elisabeth Bauernschubert]
7 Survey about Global DA Systems [many authors]

8 Bias Splitting [with Jason Otkin]

9 Nonlinear Bias Correction for KENDA [with Jason Otkin]
10 Shallow Water Model Particle Filter with Real Data [with Oana Lang, Dan Crisan and PJ van Leeuwen]

11 GNSS DA [with Michael Bender]

12 ICON DA Survey [with Ana Fernandez and many authors]
13 Satellite DA for Regional Models [with Frederick Kurzrock and many authors]

14 Data Assimilation for ICON ART [with Vanessa Bachmann]

15 BACY Introduction Paper [with Thomas Roesch, Harald Anlauf, ...]
16 SEVIRI VIS Assimilation [Lilo Bach, Christoph Schraff, ...]

17 Lightning Data Assimilation [Lisa Neef, Uli Blahak, ...]

18 Assimilation of Inequalities [with Elisabeth Bauernschubert]
19 Projection Algorithms for ICON DA
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